Powerlet® & Atomic Skin to Sponsor Adventure Rider

World renowned adventure rider Glenn Heggstad will be sponsored by Powerlet® and is currently putting Atomic Skin™ heated gear through its paces.


"We are very proud to be sponsoring Glenn. His goals of perusing a life of adventure and and passion for riding are something to be admired. "

- Michael McGunagle - Marketing / Brand Manager

Warren, Michigan — May 26, 2015 — Powerlet®, a leading supplier of rugged electrical accessories for the power sports industry, has partnered with adventure rider Glen Heggstad to provide him with the necessary products he needs in his extreme adventures.

Glen has often sought unique adventures wandering the earth by various means. His crowning achievement became a multi-year solo motorcycle odyssey around the earth through fifty-seven developing countries. From the wilds of Siberia and the Mongolian Gobi Desert to zigzagging the Middle East through the West Bank, Israel, Pakistan and India, to the length of Africa, Glen rode into one challenging experience after another.

Glen has incorporated Powerlet® products into his extreme adventures. Knowing the challenges he would face he chose Powerlet® products to use during his rides into some of the harshest environments on the planet. Powerlet® has supplied Glen with products like:

-PAC-043 - Powerlet® Plug to Cigarette Socket Adapter
-PKT-104 - Powerlet® Jumper Cables
-PKT-103 - Termin-8™ Fuseblock
-PKT-070 - Powerlet® outlets for heated clothing, battery charging, inflating tires, etc.

In addition, Glen has been testing our new line of heated gear - Atomic Skin™.

Glen has been featured in several television shows such as: National Geographic, CNN, Larry King Live, The Discovery Channel, MSNBC, and the Travel Channel. We are very proud to be helping Glen in his drive to make the world a better place through motorcycle adventure riding. You can find out more about Glen at www.strikingviking.net.

Press Contact:
Michael McGunagle
Coliant Group LLC
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