Solutions Built From Applied Know-How

Automated StitchAttach™ Technology offers our customers the benefit and freedom of design as well as advanced production solutions to manufacture new and innovative products. We refer to the process as Tailored Fiber Placement™ (TFP™). TFP™ Technology is a robust solution to Print (place) a variety of wires, tubes, fibers etc, and join them onto various types of carrier materials. The fiber/wire/tube to be printed out is fed in front of a sewing head and then fixed to the underlying material by needle and thread in a continuous process.

The printed pattern is determined by design data prepared for the machine in our special digitizing software. This software program translates a simple vector line into specially digitized points for the machine, allowing complete freedom in programming both the direction of the wire and the sequencing of any piece.

The base material onto which the fiber/wire/tube is laid during stitching is held in a pantograph which moves the material in any x, y direction. The base material used is available in a variety of finishes and textures, all depending on the end application of the laid fiber/wire/tube.

This technology enables products to be manufactured with more precision and often at a lower cost than traditional methods. In addition, other benefits include:


  • Products produced require less raw material

  • Production consumes less power during manufacture

  • Time in post-production finishing is reduced



The TFP™ Technology often enables new and innovative products to be manufactured that would not be possible to produce with traditional production methods. LayStitch™ offers support in engineering and design to customers who are in the process of evaluating the technology for consideration on future programs. Services that are offered are designed to help better understand and incorporate the concept of TFP™ in current and future programs that may require the reinforcement of plastics or composites.


Single head LayStitch Machine-2.jpeg

We are excited to offer our customers the advantage of producing very high performance composite products with improved strength; stiffness; lower weight and lower cost. Currently LayStitch™ services focus on three main areas: Engineering and Prototyping Services, Preform Parts Production and Machine Sales and Service.

LayStitch services customers in the following industries:

  • Automotive and Marine

  • Aerospace

  • Consumer Products & Apparel

  • Medical Industry

  • Sporting Goods

  • Military

  • Rescue and Law Reinforcement Equipment

  • University Research


Services LayStitch Offers:

Engineered Prototype

Customers requiring assistance in the development of prototype samples can utilize TFP™ Technology. This state-of-the-art technology offers our customers the benefit and freedom of design as well as advanced production solutions that can be used during the production process.

At LayStitch™, we recognize the ability to innovate as one of the most important aspects for any company to thrive in today’s competitive environment. The TFP™ Technology used in the development of prototypes enables samples to be manufactured more precisely and often for significantly lower costs by using fewer materials and consuming less power while being produced.

Low Preform Production

For companies requiring small production runs customers can elect to have LayStitch™ produce these products. LayStitch™ is capable of producing low volume products either one at a time or on a regular production basis. Depending on the volume, having Coliant manufacture your low preform parts can be an ideal situation for managing your inventory, increasing production rates, saving on costs and testing the market before going into a full production run on larger volume quantities.

LayStitch Machine Sales

LayStitch™ is dedicated to deliver the most efficient machine to our customer that will achieve their specific requirements and insure the highest rate of return on their investment. All machines are highly specific, modularized and tailored to produce products that achieve the specifications defined by our customers. We deliver automated smart machine solutions for a wide range of production volumes. Low production and development machines are affordable and normally possess either a single or dual head configuration. Customers requiring high volume production may have a machine built that can have 10 to 30 laying heads. The maximum achievable machine capability may vary due to the specifics of the products being produced (such as; dimensions, materials, design, etc.).