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Coliant was founded in 2004 by acquiring the assets of Jastek Engineering, LLC. Leveraging the Powerlet™ and Luggage Electrix™ brands.  The company started designing, manufacturing and distributing rugged electrical accessories that were intuitive and universally adaptable. Under the company's Powerlet™ brand, Coliant developed its first product line to withstand water, vibration, UV rays and oil/gas, meeting its own global compliance standards for an electrical interface.

Although focused initially on the motorcycle market, the Powerlet™ product line has applications in numerous industries and on various power-sport vehicles. Powerlet™ sales grew throughout the U.S., UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia providing support for the power outlets found on BMW, Triumph, KTM and Ducati motorcycles.

Over the years, Coliant raised capital from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the First Step Fund, the Michigan Preseed Fund and private investors to develop it's Powerlet™ and Luggage Electrix™ products and brands.

In 2010 Coliant Corporation released a line of smart garments including heated jacket liners and gloves. After being on the market for two years Motorcyclist Magazine had conducted long-term testing of several heated clothing manufacturers, one of them being Coliant's RapidFIRe™ heated clothing. "After more than a year in all kinds of weather, the RapidFIRe™ liners still keep us more comfortable more of the time than anything else. The best high-tech personal heat source for anything short of space travel. 5 out of 5 Stars", said Tim Carrithers, Editor, Motorcyclist Magazine. The RapidFIRe™ Heated Jacket liners also went on to received a perfect 10/10 rating from Adventure Bike Rider (ABR) in Europe in May of 2013. All of the world's top manufactures of heated clothing were evaluated. It clearly took first place and was the only jacket of the ones reviewed to receive a perfect score. These early successes allowed management to green light the launch of Atomic Skin, Inc. a developer of Personal Climate Control Systems™ and MicroClimate Technologies™.

The Laystitch™ and ASC Craft™ brands were acquired by Coliant in Sept 2014. These two strategic brands were acquired to further Coliant's leadership position in designing and manufacturing personal climate control systems.




"It takes being surrounded by special people to make a business successful"  
- CEO, John Swiatek

John A. Swiatek

Founder / CEO

From a strong natural urge to create, Mr. Swiatek is driven to build organizations and often pushes others to achieve distant goals. Abandoning ineffective procedures and identifying repetition of error has always been his approach. With an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Swiatek continually scans his environment for better methods.  Often asked to take a leadership role during meetings, he will inspire and motivate others with positive, powerful convictions. Communicating confidently and clearly that everyone has untold potential inspires each Coliant employee to grow and develop more than they ever thought possible.

Dave Meerhaeghe

Founder / Director of Information Technology

Mr. Meerhaeghe has over 20 years professional experience in Information Technology and has worked as both a Network Engineer and Security Analyst supporting global networks for a fortune 500 company. He later implemented and administered various platforms in the data center. Mr. Meerhaeghe worked on B2B integration projects and the replacement of legacy systems with Internet-based solutions. He also has considerable experience in B2C systems and software development.



University Partners



Coliant's university partnerships continue to attract funding to support life-changing research and innovations. These innovations draw the interest of commercial businesses and venture capitalists, helping stir investment in the region that have created jobs in the private sector. Our university-business partnerships can also be seen in the form of internships, testing lab usage and licensed technologies.

We are proud to have developed working relationships and partnerships with the following universities:

University of Dayton Research Institute, IDRI

300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469


Lawrence Technological University

21000 W 10 Mile Rd.
Southfield, MI 48075



University of Montana

32 Campus Dr.
Missoula, Mt 59812



Michigan State University

2727 Alliance Drive
Lansing, MI 48910 USA


Georgia Institute of Technology

North Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30332



Oakland University

2200 N Squirrel Rd.
Rochester, MI 48309